Greg is a friend of mine.This is what he posted on social media......Thank you Greg.

May I just say that I bought some of your beard balm (Doc) not noticing that I grew the full beard out..... for the mean time, (My wife) is not happy with it) and it is AWESOME. My mustache hair has never been so soft and happy.

Greg B.
May 24,2020

Doc ~
Thank you for taking the time to write!  We visited you at Fetch, and really were glad to meet you.  I went primarily to buy Jason (my ginger bearded son) some balm, but my Mom was there and “stole” my gift plan!  Anyway, he has been enjoying the Green Tea Tree balm, so wanted the oil to compliment it, and also wanted to try the Cool Drink of Water.  I’m not a patchouli fan at all, and Mom dislikes musk scent, so we were both surprised at the scent of your balm—it seemed surprisingly (to us) pleasing!
Thank you very much for the discount so I could send him 2 Valentine’s products instead of just the one I’d planned.  The free shipping was also a very pleasant surprise!
Hope your New Year is off to a great start!  I wish the weather forecaster wasn’t calling this snow “Epic”!  LOL  Take care.

~ Mischelle
Feb. 7, 2020
Hey! I’ve been using your beard balm for a little over a year now and I just wanted to let you know how much I love your product. Got my haircut recently and at the end when the woman wanted to put product in my beard and when she did her jaw dropped for how soft my beard felt. She didn’t even ask- she just complimented me for how much I take care of it. All do is use your balm daily. I’ve also received compliments or questions asking, “you take care of your beard, don’t you?” I say a little, because all I do is use your balm. Just wanted to say thank you by telling some stories. Have a great day.

Matthew U.
January 16,2020


9/8/19, 2:20 pmCustomer Service, Environment, Other, Quality, Wait Time. I learned more about beard oil in 5 minutes than I’ve ever known before. You guys rock!

Review on Square 9/8/19


I ran in to doc at the 420 festival in Denver and tried out one of his products. by the end of the day I had to go back and buy another one because of how much I liked it. Doc was a great help with answering questions I had along with being a huge help in getting me started in taking care of my beard properly. it's amazing how fast this stuff works and how long his unique scents last.

10/10 would recommend.

Alex W. 

May 10, 2019


Your products were recommended to me by Kenny at Rock Barbers.
Since then I have tried several scents and they have become my exclusive beard balm. 
I have established a routine with specific scents: Shower at night - finish with Green Tea Tree. Mornings, during the week - Black & Amber. Weekends and some special occasions - Tobacco Pouch. Special occasions, date nights, spiritual functions - Solstice Spice 
These have become my signature scents that people know me by, and get many compliments on. So, Doc Goodbeard is a regular part of my everyday life.

Kaedrich O. 

Nov. 9, 2019


I have known Doc a long, long time! I am only an occasional beard wearer, but I love the way it softens and conditions my face even when I don't have my beard. I use it every day and I have purchased every scent that Doc has! I have stopped using cologne, because this is so much better! My wife and daughter also use Doc's product in their hair to help control the split ends and fly-aways! Thanks for making such a great product, Doc!!

Kevin G. 

January 22, 2019


I started using this balm about 2 months ago and its made a huge difference. No more dry skin under the beard and no itchy-ness. I have incredibly dry skin and this has made a night and day difference. Jim is also a very nice guy and passionate about his product. Highly recommend anyone with a beard try this wonderful product.

Christopher D.    

May 2, 2018


I met Doc at the Denver Flea this summer and bought some of his beard balm. He was great to talk with and he took the time with me to show how to use the product. Love the product and I have re-ordered it again. I'm using LOCSYN LOVE. Affordable and a quality product.   

John T.  

Sept. 30, 2018


My daughter and I bought the beard and mustache conditioner for my husband to use on his mustache.

However he felt he did not need the conditioner for his mustache and my daughter and I were not disappointed that he didn’t want it.

We both are using it as a cologne. We chose tobacco pouch scent as it is so pleasant we both love it.

I also am using a little bit of it in my hair. I am almost 66 and have very long white silver hair and it’s not as soft as it used to be. However putting a little bit in my hair not only makes it smell nice but is making it softer.

Thank you Doc for such a fine product!       
Janet H. June 17, 2018