What About Beard Care?


Did you know that the average beard has 30,000 beard hairs?. Beard hair is strong and a lot coarser than scalp hair. Those strong whiskers can be stiff and coarse. They also become dry and wiry when they are not regularly moisturized or  conditioned. Also, the skin underneath the beard can become dry and flaky, causing itchiness and general discomfort in the beard area. This can affect not only the beard wearer, but loved ones as well when they get close.

There are several things you will want to consider in caring for your man mane. First: Keep it clean. If you wash your beard daily, as I do, you must remember that washing that frequently will strip the natural oils from your skin and beard. So, remember to use oil or balm to replace those oils. Doc Goodbeard Beard Wash cleans the beard and prepares it for the great conditioning of our balms and oils.

Second: You may want to supplement from the inside with vitamins and/or collagen, biotin or simply, vitamin E. Pay attention to how your body and beard reacts to supplementation over a few weeks. Don't expect immediate results. It takes time for supplements to build up in your body and reach full effectiveness. Be patient.

Third: Use quality beard care products to maintain conditioning and moisture in your beard. Don't let your face become dry or scaly. As you moisturize and condition your beard and face, the skin will have more elasticity and will be relaxed around the hair follicle. This makes it easier for your beard to grow. Doc Goodbeard balms and oils are formulated to offer superior moisturizing and conditioning for your face and beard.

Since you are taking time to grow your beard, spend a little time taking care of it. Wear it with pride and show it off!


Stay safe and healthy. Thanks for visiting our website and remember…………………

It’s all about the beard, Man!


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