Launched in July of 2017, Doc Goodbeard offers all natural beard balms and oils that moisturize and condition your facial hair and skin.

My name is Jim Dorkins (aka Doc Goodbeard) and I have worn a beard, off and on for almost 40 years. I was constantly looking for beard care products that relieved the itch and the "beardruff". Upon discovering beard balms and oils, I ordered several. However, I was disappointed to find that they all had scent profiles that were extremely similar, even though the descriptions were different. Many even had unnecessary chemicals in them! That is when I decided that I could make my own and have scents that are outside the "traditional" choices, such as our Locsyn Love balm.

We strive to provide a line of uniquely scented balms and oils that you won't find in other products. Come on, "Rock with Doc" and remember.....

It's all about the beard, Man!